Towards more energy savings in European SMEs – Focus on collective actions

Comet meetings Place Stéphanie 20 1050 Brussels
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Moderator: Karina Veum, TNO

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Fri, Mar 31, 2023, 08:30 AM – 12:30 AM


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The aim of the conference is to exchange experiences made on energy saving and climate protection in the European project GEAR@SME. The focus is on the question of how useful collective measures are in saving energy. Does this motivate and support SMEs more than if they were to do it alone? Speakers from all over Europe – experts, practitioners and stakeholders exchange their views.



Welcome coffee // free continental breakfast and registration


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Welcome // Introducing the agenda


Karina Veum, TNO


GEAR concept in a nutshell: Why is a collective approach important (incl. tools and training); project impacts?

Suzanne Brunsting, TNO


Panel discussion: Developments and experiences with collective approaches; what has the GEAR@SME project achieved within the respective use cases; What has worked well? What are important next steps?

Moderator: Stefan Cirstea, TUCN

Panelists: Jeroen Bosma, CLOK Palmira Ugarte, BEA Mattia Ricci, ENEA Timea Farkas, SVT


Coffee Break


Exploitation of project results: example from the Netherlands 

Jeroen Bosma, CLOK


Policy recommendations

Palmira Ugarte Berzal, BEA


Panel debate:

Key note introduction by Dr. Alessandro Pellini, GSE

What is the best way to roll out the collective approach? How can different actors contribute? And what are key policy ingredients for success?


Moderator: Guus Mulder, TKI Urban Energy Panelists: Antigona Lesi, German Chamber of Commerce Filippo Gasparin, CINEA Carlos Herce, LEAP4SME Vilte Kaminskaite, European Covenant of Companies for Climate and Energy Andrei Ceclan, SVT Ingrid Nyström, CIT Renergy


Conclusions and closure

Karina Veum, TNO


Free buffet lunch

Conference Video

Speaker Profiles

Contact Boxes Anna Brüning-Pfeiffer

Anna Brüning-Pfeiffer

Host and contact for questions | Project Communication

TELEPHONE: +49 (0) 30 29 33 30 – 28

Contact Boxes Timea Farkas

Timea Farkas


Timea Farkas is a Research Engineer at Servelect and is currently pursuing a doctoral program in Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (TUCN). She is the winner of the Young Energy Trailblazer award during the European Sustainable Energy Week in 2022. 
She played an active role in the project as a Use Case Leader, coordinating the Romanian use cases and all the activities carried out during the project’s lifetime.  
Her experience sharing will focus on the success story of engaging energy service suppliers in training events. Drawing on her experiences in the Romanian context, Timea will also share her insights on how stakeholder engagement can make all the difference in applying a sustainable approach. 

Dr. Andrei Ceclan


Dr. Andrei Ceclan is actively involved in energy efficiency, decarbonization in SMEs, industry and local communities as energy auditor and energy manager and has extensive experience in the implementation of several Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe projects, most of them with pilot demo cases.  

Antigona Lesi


Antigona Lesi (Legal Counsel Energy and Environmental Law at the Berlin Chamber of Commerce, advising companies on questions regarding energy transition and environmental impact, my role in the event: panelist)

Guus Mulder


Guus Mulder works as a programmanager at the TKI-Urban Energy. He was the founder of BE+, a foundation which aims to realise 250 energy positive industrial parks in the Netherlands. His work resulted in the PVB program, in which national and regional governments work together to activily stimulate collective energy projects on industrial parks in the Netherlands. 

Alessandro Pellini


Alesandro is environmental economist and expert in renewable energy and energy efficiency. He works since 2011 at GSE S.P.A. in the studies area, implementing analyses concerning the development or renewable energy and energy efficiency in Italy; he is also in charge of the assessment of socio economic aspects of the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors. 

Francesca Zamboni


Francesca Zamboni is an Energy Engineer and works in the Energy Division at Certimac as a specialist in energy efficiency and energy transition. Here, she is as Italian Use Case Leader together with ENEA. They have conducted and managed, together with the Trusted Partners, the activities in the two Italian Use Cases (Roveri and Ravenna Area). In particular they conducted the energy scans, supported the Trusted Partners in organizing the networking events and carried out training activities.  

Suzanne Brunsting


Suzanne Brunsting (PhD) has been working in energy transition research since 2009 when she joined ECN, which became part of TNO in 2018. There, she is currently a senior scientist in the Social Innovation group of the unit Energy & Materials Transition (EMT), focusing on capacity building for promoting energy efficiency in industry. Suzanne holds a Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Communication Science and is specialized in decision psychology.
In GEAR@SME, Suzanne has been involved in developing the project’s key concept: a collective approach to energy efficiency in SMEs. She has been involved in the research activities, focusing on development of training materials for Trusted Partners.

Ingrid Nyström


Ingrid Nyström has a broad background related to energy, energy efficiency in industry and transport. She has a PhD in Energy Systems Technology and been active as an energy consultant for well over 20 years. Her areas of expertise include strategic energy and climate planning, energy management and approaches and policies for supporting energy efficiency in industry, as well as the area of renewable fuels for transportation. Ingrid is Head of Business Area Society at CIT Renergy.
In the GEAR@SME project, Ingrid has had a vital role in the development of the GEAR@SME methodology. She will contribute with the perspectives of GEAR@SME and of a consultant to the final panel debate on rolling out a collective approach.

Mattia Ricci


Mattia Ricci is a skilled structural engineer with a strong background in Computational Fluid Dynamics and in Computational Mechanics. He graduated cum Laude in Civil Engineering at University of Bologna in 2013. Then he attended a Double Joint Doctoral (Ph.D.) Degree and he graduated at University of Bologna and TU Eindhoven in 2018. Today he is a researcher at ENEA, Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development. His research interests are in data analysis and numerical simulations applications for energy efficiency, energy communities and district heating. He is author of several publications in international peer-reviewed scientific journals and conferences. In the framework of the GEAR@SME project, he is one of the Italian Use Case Leaders, together with CERTIMAC.

Jeroen Bosma


Jeroen Bosma has been working in energy transition sector since 2011 when he founded his own company to help SME’s to save energy. In 2021 he joined the CLOK foundation, where he was one of the initiators of the program to make business parks more sustainable ( Great focus on creating collectives and how to form them. 
In GEAR@SME, Jeroen has acted as a trusted partner and a multiple organization on behalf of the CLOK Foundation. He has given trainings and workshops. 
Contact Boxes Palmira Ugarte Berzal



Palmira Ugarte Berzal is industrial engineer with more than 10 years’ experience working in European and international energy transition projects. She works as senior project manager at the Berlin Energy Agency and is responsible of its international activities. In GEAR@SME, Ms. Ugarte has worked as coordinator of the German Use Case and of the Monitoring of the Project and will participate as panelist in the group discussions and share her vision on how energy collectives can successfully contribute to the increase of energy efficiency of their members  



Stefan CIRSTEA holds the position of senior researcher at the Energy Transition Research Center (EnTReC) and serves as an associate professor at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. With master and PhD studies in Economic Sciences, his primary research interests encompass energy efficiency, the socio-economic effects of renewable energy, energy culture, and decarbonization. He actively participates in the implementation of multiple Horizon projects in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency, and he frequently lectures in lifelong learning programs designed for energy professionals or conducts research in the area of energy efficiency and decarbonization.
In GEAR@SME project, he was part of the TUCN team which acted as a multiplier in the Romanian use case and supported the project with a large network of companies or other stakeholders.