Get to know the GEAR@SME partners! CIT Industriell Energi develops methodology and trainings


What kind of organisation is CIT?

Ingrid Nyström: CIT Industriell Energi is an expert consultant firm located in Sweden, providing research-oriented development services to industry and government authorities. The company specializes in industrial energy systems, energy efficiency and energy technologies. We participate also in direct research collaborations with the academy, with a special link to research at Chalmers University of Technology.”

Why does CIT participate at GEAR@SME?

“For CIT Industriell Energi, it is essential to always develop our knowledge and experience from different approaches towards increasing the sustainability and efficiency of energy use in industry. Through GEAR@SME, we saw the opportunity to both learn from the examples and expertise of other project partners and EU countries, and to contribute with our own extensive experience from development of support programs and networking projects directed towards SMEs in Sweden. In addition, we thought we could contribute with practical experience from working directly with the industry.”

What is your role in the GEAR@SME project?

“CIT Industriell Energi contributes to the development of a structured and practically oriented methodology and to the development of a calculation toolset. In addition, we have taken an active role in the development of training materials and are of course engaged in the work aiming at further developing, exploiting, and disseminating the experience and results from the project.”

What are your experiences so far in the GEAR@SME project?

“The common development of an integrated methodology has given us insights into the similarity of fundamental environmental and technological challenges as well as the variation of key issues in focus and relevance of supportive activities, between different European countries.”